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Escape Rooms have become super popular in recent times - who does like be locked in a room with close family and/or friends?! Board games have tried to jump in on this craze in a number of ways. From destructible games like the EXIT series where you literally draw over and rip up the components to those that come with elaborate boxes to actually unlock and everywhere in-between.

Unlock is a reusable series of escape room style games that utilises technology to assist and make a reusable game. In the game you will use cards and a companion app to search rooms, craft and combine items and solve puzzles. The app can monitor time taken, offering clues and so on.

Unlock 2! Mystery Adventures contains 3 scenarios - The House on the Hill, The Nautilus’ Traps and The Tonipal’s Treasure. Each one provides around an hours play for up to six players. Having three scenarios adds value to this proposition too and as stated above the game is completely reusable after you have finished.

The House on the Hill sees you exploring a dilapidated old manor with rumours of a curse being placed on it. The Nautilus’ Traps finds you trapped in an old submarine after being attacked by a mystery sea monster. The Tonipal’s Treasure places you as treasure hunters after Captain Smith’s hidden treasure - race to beat another treasure hunter to the gold!

Unlock! has also had a number of standalone expansions so if you enjoy the system you are well cater for in the future.

Player Count: 1-6
Time: 45-75 Minutes
Age: 10+


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