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If you’re a fan of escape rooms, then the Unlock series of puzzle games are going to shoot straight to the top of your wishlist! Similar to their physical counterparts, Unlock pits you against the clock, where you and up to six players, in a co-operative manner, have to figure out a number of crafty riddles that will drive you through a narrative.

Unlock comes with three different adventures in it. Before you play any of them, you’ll also need to download the free smartphone app (available on both Google Play and the App Store for iOS). You’ll use the app to pump in answers you believe to have deduced throughout the venture – and it also acts as the 60-minute timer with which you have to complete the quest.

The game works with a clever deck mechanic, in which each card is numbered. You and your team are given a set number of specific cards to start with. You’ll have to work out patterns and codes (we’re trying not to give any spoilers, here!) from the limited information you have on your starter cards, by pumping your answers into the app. Get it right? Hooray! You’ll find out the next clue cards you’ve ‘unlocked’ from the deck, which will aid your progress.

Player Count: 2-6
Time: 45-75 Minutes
Age: 10+


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