Ithe Risk Shadow Forces strategy board game by Avalon Hill, modern-day factions inspired by real-life blocs both on and off the grid, establishment and underground, compete aggressively. Choose a warlord and play through a campaign of 15 games in which suspense and intrigue build to a dramatic conclusion. It includes 5 miniature figures, and a double-sided gameboard featuring both world and skirmish maps. This legacy board game also includes 4 sealed envelopes and a sealed container to be opened throughout the game, as players shape how their world evolves. No two games will ever be the same.

• Players shape how their world evolves, unlock new rules, and change the story each time. No two games will be the same.
• Players can immerse themselves in both global and skirmish games designed around modern warfare missions.
• Great board game night game for 3-5 players.

• 1 x Sealed Container Labelled B
• 1 x Quick Rules Reference Card
• 2 x Double-sided Gameboards
• 1 x Global Gameboard
• 4 x Sealed Envelopes
• 180 x 1-troop Units
• 90 x 3-troop Units
• 5 x Warlord Figures
• 5 x Faction Cards
• 1 x Sticker Sheet
• 1 x Range Guide
• 1 x Rulebook
• 175 x Cards
• 95 x Tokens
• 5 x Dice
• 5 x HQs


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