When two Bosses go head-to-head, only one can reign supreme! In Overboss Duel, two players compete to build an evil overworld and populate it with monsters. This fast-paced tile-laying game features everything that made the original Overboss a hit, but now both players share one dynamic board!

It’s a tactical tug-of-war as you play tiles to enhance your side of the map …or to make your opponent’s map worse. Use terrain powers and special tokens to slide pieces around the shared board. Build towns to unleash pesky monster-slaying Heroes. Overboss Duel is designed to be played as an awesome two-player experience, but its terrain tiles are also fully cross-compatible with the classic 1-4 player version of Overboss!

Watch Out For Heroes!
Heroes spawn on the board through towns. Of course you’ll need to squash puny heroes for disrupting your path to the deadliest overworld, or you risk points being taken away from your score!

Head-to-Head Dueling
Overboss Duel introduces an all-new two-player “duel” mode to the hit tile-laying game, where your choices can make a big impact on your opponent’s map. Play head-to-head or as an expansion to the original game!

New Bosses Introduced
Play as Shellda, Dr. Deadly, Baron Hex, or Umbra, and build the best overworld. New versions of King Croak and Belladonna are included in Overboss Duel!


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