Three new investigations become accessible with this expansion, each taking place in an area within Arkham. Miskatonic University is plagued by an unseen evil which the investigators must discover before it is too late while the storefronts and back alleys of Arkham itself are plagued not just by the gangs that run them but by supernatural beings beyond anyone's imagination, all destined on bringing destruction and ruin to the city of Arkham and it is up to you to bring their rule of tyranny to an end!

Alongside the new scenarios and investigators, new monsters will join the fray, each one as terrifying as the next, all staying true to the Lovecraftian theme of the game. Players will also be able to incorporate these new elements with scenarios past, the app changing the investigations up slightly to include these new elements and allowing investigators to revisit old locations and events.

A new mechanic included with this expansion is the ability to Improve your investigators skills. Improvements can allow you to access extra dice when performing a skill check. Be warned though, those who improve their skills may find themselves victims of the evil forces that lurk in the darkness, as you will become a somewhat attractive target to the creatures that stalk you. Improve at your own risk!

Streets of Arkham adds another level of replay-ability to an already excellent game and will have players bringing this game back to the table and visiting Arkham once again, to solve the mysteries that faced with and trying to stop the impending doom!

Player Count: 1-5
Time: 120-180 Minutes
Age: 14+


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