Enter the Assassin's Creed universe and start your Order initiation. With two Assassin's Creed-themed decks (two Mythic Rare cards and eight Rare cards), you may be ready for your first Magic games. Use the pamphlet that is provided to learn the ropes before taking action and winning! This Magic: The Gathering - Assassin's Creed Starter Kit comes with two 60-card decks that are ready to play (land included), two deck boxes for storing them, a handbook with instructions on how to play Magic, and two double-sided reference cards that cover Turn Order/Attacking & Blocking. 

• YOUR ASSASSIN TRAINING STARTS HERE: Prepare for your Magic games with two decks with Assassin's Creed themes, and use the accompanying handbook to learn the basics.

• TAKE A LEAP INTO HISTORY—Assassin's Creed joins Magic: The Gathering after emerging from the shadows! With your favourite Assassins, rush through historic locations at breakneck speed, equip lethal weapons, and make sure your targets become history.TWO SET OF 60-CARD DECKS READY TO PLAY—Use the Blue-Black deck to start your initiation, defeat the opposition with Master Assassin Ezio, or arm yourself with the White-Red deck to defeat your adversaries with Viking shieldmaiden Eivor.

• LEARN TO PLAY MAGIC WITH A FRIEND: This game is ideal for beginning players, educating friends and family, or simply having a good time on a game night. Simply follow the instructions in the booklet that comes with it to get started, then go forth and conquer!

• PLAY A GAME THAT FUSES ART, STORIES, AND STRATEGY—Start your collection with two Mythic Rare cards (one with a brilliant Traditional Foil treatment) and eight Rare cards in each deck. Whether you want to play a casual game with friends, collect interesting cards, or go competitive, Magic: The Gathering is a collectible card game that combines intricate tactics with graphics and mechanics that explore the concepts of a specific universe and tale.

• CONTENTS: 1 Learn-to-Play Guide, 2 boxes to store your decks, and 2 ready-to-play 60-card decks (containing 2 Mythic Rare cards and 8 Rare cards).

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