Release Date 05/07/24

Discover the most elusive artefacts from history by travelling across time with the Animus; they're all concealed inside Assassin's Creed Collector Boosters. Every booster has two foil-etched cards, Borderless and Extended-Art cards, Rares and/or Mythics, and Traditional Foils synchronised with it. If you use your Eagle Vision, you could even be able to identify serialised cards printed with a unique number, alt-art cards with themed Showcase frames, or a card with a distinctive foil treatment. There are twelve Assassin's Creed Collector Boosters in this Magic: The Gathering—Assassin's Creed Collector Booster Box. Ten Magic: The Gathering cards, one Traditional Foil double-sided token, and five cards with rarities of Rare or above, five Uncommon cards, and one Land card make up each booster. Two foil-etched cards and six to seven traditional foil cards are included in each pack. Less than 1% of boosters had a serialised card. Serialised cards are exclusive to Collector Boosters and are only available in English, however they can be opened in any language Collector Booster. In terms of mechanics, they are the same as their counterparts who are not serialised.

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