Inns & Cathedrals is the perfect expansion for those that love Carcassonne and are looking to add some spice into the mix. The core concepts of the base game remain – it’s still a tile-laying game where players place square tiles (with either roads, castles, fields and cloisters) into an ever-expanding kingdom, inspired by the fortified French city. Players have a limited number of ‘meeples’ (wooden workers) that they can sit onto tiles the player has just placed. When a road or castle is completed, for example, the player retrieves the meeple and scores points, depending on the size of said road or castle.

The new components that come with this expansion are a range of additional tiles and a larger meeple. Some of the roads now have inns on them, and if you place a meeple on a road with an inn along it, when the road is complete and the player retrieves the Meeple, road tiles are worth two points each (instead of one point each, compared to base Carcassonne). However, unlike a regular road that scores regardless, if a road with an inn along it is not complete come the end of the game, that road scores zero…


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