Carcassonne: Bridges, Castles and Bazaars is the eighth expansion to Carcassonne.

The expansion adds three new types of piece to gameplay:
- Bridges. These can be used to connect two roads over another tile. The bridge must be placed so that both ends are on a field and not in another feature. Bridges can be used to connect a road over a monastery or over a road going in an opposite direction. They cannot be used to make a road into a castle however. Once a bridge has been places it is treated and scored like a road;
- Castles. These tokens are placed on top of two-tile cities when they are completed. Instead of scoring for that city, players score points for the next feature completed in the two tiles to the left or the right of their castle;
- Bazaars. At Bazaars, players are able to auction tiles in exchange for points. This adds a marketplace style element to the game as players have to bid their victory points on tiles drawn from the stack.

The expansion adds a degree of strategy to the game, particularly regarding the bazaars and castles. The bridges both add to the gameplay and the visual appeal of the game. The additional elements make interesting amendments to the base game, whilst still ensuring this remains, recognisably, Carcassonne.


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