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The Lord of The Rings™ Battle of Osgiliath™

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The Miniatures

The Forces of Good
- Faramir™, Captain of Gondor
- Madril, Captain of Ithilien
- Damrod, Ranger of Ithilien
- 12 Warriors of Minas Tirith™ clad in heavy armour to hold the line and wielding a variety of weapons
- 12 Rangers of Gondor™, equipped to pick off their enemies from the shadows with sturdy bows before cutting them down with sword and spear

The Forces of Evil
- Gothmog™, Lieutenant of Sauron™, both mounted on his oversized Warg™, and another model showing him on foot
- 24 heavily-armoured Morannon™ Orcs with shields and wicked melee weapons
- 1 armoured Mordor™ Troll, swinging a gargantuan hammer

The Scenery
- 2 sets of modular battlescarred Gondor™ Ruins, building four large pieces. They can also be combined to create larger structures