Cryptid is a competitive puzzle from Osprey Games for 3-5 players. Each player is a Cryptozoologist, attempting to track down a mythical beast. The players all have a tiny bit of information about the habitat the Cryptid lives in. On their own, these clues are useless, for example “Within one space of water”. Combine the clues and they reveal only one possible space on the board.

The player that wins is the first to identify the sole space where the Cryptid could live. During play each player is carefully trying to gather as much information about their opponents clues and give away as little about theirs as possible.

Players cannot afford to look away from the board, as any information that’s revealed is crucial for everyone. You may also be questioned by any player on their turn, so it’s a game that keeps everyone engaged until the Cryptid is found.

On a player's turn they will question one other player. The question is always ‘Could the Cryptid live in this space?”. Cubes and discs are placed on the board to show that it either could or couldn’t live there. If a player answers no to your question by placing a cube then you also must place a cube, giving away valuable information about what you know.

You win the game by searching, which involves asking all players about one space. In turn, they will place either a cube or a disc. If every player places a disc you have found the Cryptid and are the winner. If anyone places a cube, the search stops and you must now place a cube elsewhere. So, search with care.

As the cubes and discs in various colours start to cover the board tension rises. It’s a race to be the first to solve the puzzle but by jumping the gun you might end up giving too much away and handing victory to someone else!

The game is supported well by a website from Osprey Games. You may even find it easier to use the website to set-up games and give out clues instead of the resources in the box. The website also allows for an interesting two-player mode, where each player has two clues and has a more control over revealing information.

A tricky puzzle to solve that is only made more exciting by the race against your opponents to the solution.

Player Count: 3-5
Time: 30-50 Minutes
Age: 10+

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